Apply for Grants

Applying for a grant is an exciting but resource-intense process. Below is an overview of the application process in For more specific instructions on applying in, click on one of the four steps below. If you're interested in more context and information about the grants lifecycle, visit Grants 101.

Before you apply though, make sure you found a funding opportunity you are eligible for and registered to apply through as an individual or an organization.


1. Download an application package

How do I download an application?


Find the grant you're applying for, click the Application Package tab, then download the application package & instructions.

If you know the Funding Opportunity Number, click Download a Grant Application Package

Download Application Package



Are there additional instructions?


Yes, go to the Download an Application Package page or check out the Applicant User Guide

2. Complete your application package

How do I complete an application?


Write your proposal and fill out ALL the required forms, fields, and certifications. Save frequently, as you'll be completing your application offline and does not automatically save changes!



There's more to it than that, right?


Yes. Check out the Complete Your Application page or go to the Applicant User Guide

3. Submit your application package

How do I submit my application?


Access your completed application package, ensure all the necessary information is entered, check the package for errors, then click the "Save & Submit" button on the cover page.



What if I encounter any issues?


Check out the Submit an Application Package page or go to the Applicant User Guide

4. Track my application package

How do I track my application status?


Enter your tracking number(s) into the Track My Application page.

You may also log in to and select the Check Application Status link on the left-side menu.

Track My Application


How do I know what each status means?


Go to the Track My Application for more details



Get the Applicant User Guide

For a comprehensive resource that covers the registration, search, and apply processes, please download and refer to the Applicant User Guide.

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