Grant Public Law 106-107 FAQs

About Federal Grants Streamlining Activities

Who is responsible for federal government streamlining activities around grants and cooperative agreements, and what is the basis for that work?
The Grants Policy Committee (GPC), a committee of the U.S. Chief Financial Officers Council, has responsibility for coordinating government-wide streamlining and simplification activities for federal grants and cooperative agreements. The GPC recommends financial assistance policies and practices to the Office of Management and Budget and coordinates related interagency activities.

The GPC's improvement efforts gained significant momentum when the committee assumed responsibility for coordinating government-wide implementation of P.L. 106-107, the Federal Financial Management Assistance Act of 1999, which had improving the effectiveness of federal financial assistance programs, coordination and streamlining as its primary goals. While P.L. 106-107 expired in November 2007, the GPC continues to build on this momentum, advancing existing efforts and leveraging new opportunities to enhance Federal financial assistance.

The GPC continues its interagency coordination and its recommendations to OMB, serving the public interest in collaboration with other Federal-wide grants initiatives.'s Connection to Grants Streamlining Activities

Is part of the government-wide streamlining activities? was created to provide a single website for all federal grant opportunities. It was called for from the President's Management Agenda and also as part of the Public Law 106-107, which is to streamline and simplify the way the federal government does grants. It simplifies the grants management process by providing a central online system to find and apply for grants across the federal government.


Where can I find the different statutes, regulations, and policies that may govern my grant or cooperative agreement award?
When you receive a grant or cooperative agreement award, it lists general terms and conditions, such as Office of Management and Budget Circulars, agency regulations implementing government-wide requirements. Currently you can find the OMB requirements on OMB's home page, and may be able to find the agency's regulations at the agency's website or by a search of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Recently OMB established a new Title 2 in the CFR as part of government-wide streamlining activities. The plan for Title 2 is to enable you to find all OMB Circulars and guidance to the agencies and the agency regulations implementing them in that single Title. This will be accomplished over the next several years as the streamlining progresses.

Loans/Loan Guarantees

Are federal loans and loan guarantees affected by the streamlining and simplification activities?
The statutory language of P.L. 106-107 addressed financial assistance in general, which would have included loans, loan guarantees and other forms of financial assistance. However, government-wide streamlining activities have focused on financial assistance in the form of grants and cooperative agreements, where the 26 grant-making agencies believe there is the greatest opportunity to streamline and simplify. Grants and cooperative agreements are awarded to all sectors-public and private, non-profit and for-profit-and account for billions of dollars and millions of transactions. Although programs differ, these award instruments generally are subject to the same government-wide regulatory and policy framework.

Finding opportunities

How do I find grant and cooperative agreement funding opportunities? FIND provides "one-stop shopping" that will allow you to review synopses of all available competing funding opportunities for grants and cooperative agreements (and other types of financial assistance if the funding agency chooses) under the hundreds of discretionary grant programs. You can search by agency, category of activity to be funded, Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance number, and other parameters. You also can sign up for email notification of newly posted opportunities based on parameters it provides.

Grants.Gov FIND will include a link to the full funding opportunity announcement. Depending on the agency, these still may be published in the Federal Register or be posted on a website.