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ATTENTION: Grants.gov DOES NOT offer money for personal financial assistance or debt. If you are seeking this type of assistance, please visit: Social Security, Medicaid or State Social Services, Student Loans, or Small Business Startup Loans.

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Grants.gov is your place to FIND and APPLY for federal grants. The United States Department of Health and Human Services is proud to be the managing partner for Grants.gov--an initiative that is having an unparalleled impact on the grant community.
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Confirm that you are ELIGIBLE for opportunities offered on Grants.gov. Although there are many funding opportunities on Grants.gov, few of them are available to individuals and none of them are available for personal financial assistance.
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In order to apply for a grant, you and/or your organization must complete the Grants.gov registration process. The registration process for an Organization or an Individual can take between three to five business days or as long as four weeks if all steps are not completed in a timely manner. So please register early!
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SEARCH Grants.gov for your federal grants by keywords or more specific criteria. All discretionary grants offered by the 26 federal grant-making agencies can be found on Grants.gov. You do not have to register with Grants.gov to find grant opportunities.
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Grants.gov provides an overview of the process to APPLY for federal grants. In order to apply for a grant, you and/or your organization must complete the Grants.gov registration process.
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Grants.gov makes it easy to TRACK your federal grants that you have applied for. Enter the Grants.gov tracking number you received after submitting your application to track the processing status.
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Visit Applicant Resources to find information from grantors, related associations and Grants.gov. There are several tools and documents available here to help you with Grants.gov.
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NEW: Grants.gov Applicant Training Video Click to View Exit Disclaimer - Register, Find, and Apply. Watch an overview on how to Register with Grants.gov, Find Grant Opportunities and understand your search results, and how to apply for Grant Opportunities.  If you have any additional questions please visit the Applicant Resources section of Grants.gov.