E-Business Point of Contact

Who is the E-Business Point of Contact?
The E-Business Point of Contact (E-Biz POC) is identified by the organization when they register with the SAM. When a user registers with Grants.gov, the SAM E-Business Point of Contact person will be notified via email that someone from their organization has requested Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) privileges. (An AOR privilege allows a user to submit an application on behalf of the organization.) The SAM E-Business Point of Contact person will logon to Grants.gov and determine if the user should be granted AOR privileges. The SAM E-Business Point of Contact will notify the user once privileges have been assigned. Until the user is granted AOR privileges, they cannot submit an application.

How do I access the E-Business Point of Contact login?
Follow the instructions below to access the E-Business Point of Contact login.

  • Go to the Login as an E-Biz POC in the Quick Links on the right side of the screen on any Grants.gov page.
  • This brings you to the E-Business Point of Contact screen. From here, click the Login Here button located in the E-Business Point of Contact login box.
  • Enter your DUNS Number and MPIN.
  • Click the Login button to login to the Grants.gov system.

Why can't I log into the E-Biz POC section of Grants.gov?
If this is your first time logging into the E-Biz POC section of Grants.gov, make sure that someone has already registered to become an AOR for your organization. You will not be able to log into the E-Biz POC section of Grants.gov until one AOR has completed the Grants.gov registration. If someone has already registered to become an AOR for your organization, verify that the DUNS and MPIN numbers you entered are correct.

What is the role of the E-Business Point of Contact?
The E-Business Point of Contact (E-Biz POC) is the person within your organization responsible for authorizing who within your organization (Authorized Organization Representative (AOR)) has the permission to submit applications at Grants.gov. The E-Biz POC has the authority to:

  1. View list of AORs registered at Grants.gov under specific DUNS
  2. Assign AOR role
  3. Revoke AOR role
  4. Delete AOR login
  5. View/search list of submissions made under that DUNS
  6. View rejected with errors message, if any submission is rejected (similar to AOR)
  7. Receive email when a new applicant registers at Grants.gov under that DUNS

The E-Biz POC should be contacted if there is a question about your ability to submit on behalf of your organization.

What is an Agency Enrollment Code, and who needs one?
Grants.gov has assigned an agency enrollment code to each of the federal grantor agencies as an identifier within the Grants.gov system. This enrollment code links grantor users to their particular grantor agency and enables the grantor agency "Super User" to assign rights and responsibilities to members of their agency. The agency enrollment code is required for grantor registration and is only given to members of a grantor agency responsible for managing opportunities, application review, generating reports and other grantor functions at Grants.gov. This is NOT required for applicants applying for grants.

How can I enable E-Biz POC functionality?
The AOR can request E-Business Point of Contact (E-Biz POC) authorization by logging in to the Applicant Center. The AOR will need a valid MPIN to grant E-Biz POC authorization.

As an E-Business Point of Contact (E-Biz POC), how do I deactivate an applicant for my organization on Grants.gov?
To deactivate Authorized Organization Representatives (AOR), follow the steps below. When you deactivate the AOR, you are removing all of their permissions including their ability to submit applications.

  1. On the For E-Business Point of Contact Login screen enter your organization's DUNS Number and Password and select the Login button.
  2. If you are the user who has entered your MPIN instead of a Password in the past, enter your MPIN into the Password field and select the Login button. You will be prompted to create a password.
  3. Once you are logged in, select the Manage Applicants link on the left side of the screen.
  4. To deactivate an AOR and/or revoke E-Biz POC role select the checkbox next to that person's name and click the Deactivate Applicant button.
  5. Select the Deactivate User button to deactivate the user. If you do not want to deactivate the user, select the Cancel button.

I am an Authorized Organization Representative (AOR), how do I enable the E-Business Point Of Contact (E-Biz POC) functionality once I am logged into the Applicant Center?
The option is available to the AOR to request E-Biz POC authorization once the AOR is logged into the Applicant Center. A prompt will be displayed for an MPIN the first time E-Biz POC functionality is selected. To enable the functionality select the "Manage Applicants" or "Check Application Status for Applicants" link under E-Biz POC tools in the left navigation. A valid MPIN must be entered at every session in order to be granted E-Biz POC authorization. Once a valid MPIN is entered the AOR can act as the E-Biz POC and perform the following functions:

  • Issue AOR role(s)
  • Revoke AOR role(s)
  • View all submissions for the organization's DUNS
  • Deactivate AOR account(s)
  • Revoke E-Biz POC role assigned to other AOR accounts.

If the AOR enters the correct MPIN at the Applicant Center, the AOR will begin to receive E-Biz POC email notification when a new AOR registers under the organization's Data Universal Number System (DUNS). If the AOR does not enter the correct MPIN the AOR will not receive E-Biz POC email notifications until they enter a valid MPIN.