Registering with SAM/E-Biz POC

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For more information about why requires some applicants to register with, and the process, please visit our Organization Registration page or the Applicants User Guide.

How do I register with SAM?
To register with SAM, go to the System for Award Management (SAM) site. Follow the online instructions to complete SAM registration. You will need your DUNS number and Employment Identification Number (EIN) or Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN).

NOTE: The General Services Administration has released a "Quick Start Guide For New Grantee Registration" and video tutorial for new applicants registering with the System for Award Management (SAM).  If you have questions or concerns about your SAM registration, please contact the Federal Support desk at

How long should I allow for a SAM registration?
If your organization already has an Employment Identification Number (EIN) then you should allow three to five business days to complete the SAM registration. If your organization does not have an EIN, then you should allow 2 weeks for obtaining the information from IRS when requesting the EIN via phone, fax, mail or Internet.

As an Individual, what do I need to know about registering with SAM?
If you are registering as an individual you do not need to register in SAM. Please visit the Individual Registration page for more information. All 'individuals' who are sole proprietors and desire to do business with the federal government are considered 'Sole Proprietors' for the purposes of registration in SAM.

What is a MPIN? Where can I locate or assign my MPIN?
A Marketing Partner ID (MPIN) is a personal code that the E-business Point of Contact (E-Biz POC) for your organization creates during registration with the SAM. The MPIN acts as a password, and is used to assign Authorized Organization Representatives (AOR). The MPIN is case sensitive and must have 9 digits containing at least one alpha character and one number (no spaces or special characters permitted (-, &, *, %, /, #).

To obtain an MPIN:
If you have already obtained a DUNS number but have not registered in SAM and need an MPIN, please refer to the website for instructions on what is needed for registration and details on how to register. To begin the registration process, visit the Get Registered page of

Do I need to create a profile, with a secret question and answer to continue submitting grant applications?
You are not required to complete a user profile to continue submitting grant applications to with the username and password you currently have. However, you will be required to complete a user profile once you login to to check your application status. Completing a profile allows you to better manage your information, by giving you the ability to update it.

How can I confirm that my registration was successful?
To confirm that your registration was successful you can either:

  1. Login to (using the username and password created during registration)
  2. Call or email the Contact Center (1-800-518-4726 or

When logging in to check your registration status go to the "Manage Applicant Profile" screen. You will see a box with your information, at the bottom of the box you will see the message "AOR Status: Approved" if your registration was successful.

What information will I need to complete my user profile?
In order to complete a profile you will need to provide your DUNS number (obtained in step 1 of the registration process) your First and Last Name, Date of Birth, Job Title, Address (including city, state, zip code, and country), Phone Number and Email Address. All fields are mandatory except: Middle Initial and Address 2. You will also be asked to create a "Secret Question" and "Secret Answer" which each allow a maximum of 100 characters and are NOT case sensitive.

After completing all of the required information, you will be able to create a username and password for use while logging in and submitting grant applications to

I am trying to reset my password, but I did not receive an email with the temporary password, what should I do?
If you are attempting to reset your password and do not receive a password reset email with a temporary password, you may have entered an incorrect email address for your request. Make sure that the email address you use to request a password reset is the same email address you used when registering. If you are sure that you have entered the proper email address for your password reset request, wait a few moments and check your email again. Some systems take longer to return the password reset email, please be patient while your request is handled. Also be sure to check your spam and junk email folders.

Your E-Business Point of Contact will be able to confirm the email address you used during registration or you may contact the Contact Center for this information.

I am trying to reset my password, but I am receiving multiple emails with a different password in each, what should I do?
If you are trying to reset your password, be sure to only press the submit button ONCE when submitting your password reset request. If you have pressed the submit button more than once and have received multiple emails, use the temporary password in the last email you receive to reset your password. Please be patient while your request is being handled.

What do I do if I receive the message "Email Already Exists in System" and I am unable to register?
If you receive the message "Email Already Exists in System," your email address has already been used to register. Go the Applicant Login page to retrieve the account information associated with the email address registered in the system. Once you retrieve the username and password associated with your email address you will be able to login to

To retrieve the information associated with your email address:

  • Click Applicant Login
  • Click on "Continue to Login" (blue button)
  • On the login screen, click "I Forgot My Password/Unlock My Account."
  • Select the radio button for either "Organization AOR" or "Individual."
  • Enter your email address and DUNS if you are registering as "Organization AOR."
  • Enter your email address (if registering as an individual).
  • Check the email inbox (for the email address you entered in the previous step).

To retrieve the password associated with your email address:

  • Click Applicant Login
  • Click the "I Forgot My Password/Unlock My Account" and enter your username (emailed to the email address on file)
  • Click "Submit" (one time)
  • Check the email inbox (for the email address you entered in the previous step)
NOTE: If you have attempted to reset your username and password and do not receive an email notification, please contact the Contact Center.