Tracking an Applications Submission

How do I know that my application has been received by
Once has received your submission, will send email messages to advise you of the progress of your application through the system. Over the next two business days, you should receive two emails. The first will confirm receipt of your application by the system and the second will indicate that the application has either been successfully validated by the system prior to transmission to the grantor agency or has been rejected due to errors. Once your submission is retrieved by the grantor agency, you will receive a third email. You can check the status of your application(s) after submission, by using the "Track My Application" feature available from the left hand navigation. You may also check the status of a submission by logging into your account using the Applicant Login. After you login click on the "Check Application Status" link on the left hand menu.

How do I know if the grantor agency has retrieved my application?
If your application is successfully validated and subsequently retrieved by the grantor agency from the system, you will receive an additional email. This email may be delivered several days or weeks from the date of submission, depending on when the grantor agency retrieves it. Note that once the grantor agency has retrieved your application from, you will need to contact them directly for any subsequent status updates. does not participate in making any award decisions.

How can I check a submitted application's status?
To check the status of an application submission, click "Track My Application " in the left navigation bar of the website. On the "Track My Application" page you will be able to enter up to 5 tracking numbers and see the status of the submitted application packages. (Does not require login)


You may monitor the processing status of your submission within the system (login required) by using the following steps:

  • Click on the Applicant Login link
  • Login to the system using your username and password
  • Once logged in click on the Check Application Status link at the top left of your screen.
  • You will be able to view the status of all the submitted applications

What do I do if I have not received grant receipt confirmation within two business days?
If you do not receive a receipt confirmation AND either a validation confirmation or a rejection email message within two business days, please contact us. The contact center can be reached by email at, or by telephone at 1-800-518-4726. Always include your tracking number in all correspondence. The tracking numbers issued by are in the following format: GRANTXXXXXXXX. Our Contact Center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How will I know if my application is rejected by the system?
If your application is rejected you will need to address the errors and resubmit the application if the opportunity is still open for submission. Here are five common reasons an application may be rejected:

  1. The DUNS number of the submitter does not match the DUNS number on the application.
  2. A virus was detected in a file attachment.
  3. Attachments do not follow the proper naming convention: 50 characters or less, no spaces, no special characters (-, &, *, %, /, #, \).
  4. The application was submitted after the deadline for receiving applications.
  5. The submitter does not have an authorized applicant registration.

For help troubleshooting errors, visit the Troubleshooting Tips page and Understanding Error Messages.

NOTE: Your application will not be received by the agency of which you are applying for until the application is approved within the system.

What do I need in order to check the status of an application I submitted and the agency has downloaded the application?
If the agency assigns an agency-specific tracking number, you will receive an email regarding that number. This is the number you should use when speaking to the federal agency. If there is no agency-specific tracking number, retain your tracking number in order to refer to it once it has been downloaded by the agency. After the agency has downloaded the application, you will receive any future updates regarding your application from the federal agency. Please Note: Agencies may have their own system validation process. It is important to follow the agency's instructions for the funding opportunity to ensure you meet their system requirements for submittal. See "What to Expect After Submitting" for more information.

Where do I get the tracking number for an application I submitted?
The tracking number for a submitted application will be provided in the confirmation email that you receive within two business days after you submit the application. In case you do not receive the confirmation email, you can also follow these steps to track your submitted application:

  • Click on the Applicant Login link
  • Login to the system using your AOR user ID and password
  • Once logged in click on the Check Application Status link at the top left of your screen.
TIP: See "What to Expect After Submitting" for more information.

What do the application submission status tracking codes/messages mean?
There are several application status codes or messages, which display on "Check Application Status" page of your applicant profile. These codes are used to help you understand your application's processing status until it is received by the grantor agency. For explanations about the system status messages you might receive visit our Application Statuses page.

When submitting an application, what is the difference between a submission receipt and a submission validation?
The difference between a submission receipt and submission validation is after an applicant submits an application, generates a submission receipt via email and also sets the application status to "Received". This receipt verifies the application has been successfully delivered to the system.

  • Next, verifies the submission is valid by ensuring it does not contain viruses, the opportunity is still open, and the applicant login and applicant DUNS number match. If the submission is valid, generates a submission validation receipt via email and sets the application status to "Validated".
  • If the application is not validated, the application status is set to "Rejected". The system sends a rejection email notification to the applicant and the applicant must resubmit the application package. See "What to Expect After Submitting" for more information.
  • At any time, you may check the status of your application under the Applicant section. If you have additional questions, the Contact Center can be reached by email at or by telephone at 1-800-518-4726.

I submitted an application that is not in my queue and the agency has not received it yet. Where is my application?
If more than one attachment is included in a grant submission and two or more files have the same name, the grant application cannot be processed without manual intervention. To correct this, you should:

  1. Rename attached files with the same name so that no files share the same name.
  2. Reattach the files.
  3. Resubmit the application package.

If you have not attached two or more files with the same name, contact the Contact Center by email at, or by telephone at 1-800-518-4726. Also see "What to Expect After Submitting" for more information.

Why am I not getting email notification from for my application submission, what can I do?
Email spam guards put in place by your internet service provider may prevent you from receiving email notifications from Check your spam guard settings and or junk email box to make sure that a notification was not blocked or sent to the incorrect folder.