Application Statuses Describing Your Progress

The following are descriptions of the application statuses used to describe the progression of an application after submission through the system.

Status Description
Receiving The application is has not yet been received by, but is processing normally, and is waiting in the queue to be received by
Received has received the application, but the application is awaiting validation.
FIFReceived The application has been received by and is in the beginning stages of being either validated or rejected with valid errors.
Packaging Process The application is still being processed and will be validated within the next 48 hours by
Processing The application has been received by and has begun checking the application for errors.
Validated validated the application and it is available for the agency to download.
Rejected with Errors was unable to process your application because of an error(s) and cannot accept the application until you correct the error(s) and successfully resubmit the application. You will receive email notification with information on how to address the error(s).
Accepted The application is ready for download by the agency.
Received by Agency The agency has confirmed receipt of the application package.
Agency Tracking Number Assigned The agency has assigned an internal tracking number to your application. This is the last status that tracks. Updates beyond this must be checked with the agency directly. Note: All agencies do not assign tracking numbers. If you do not see an agency tracking number, this does not infer that the agency did not receive or process your application. The assignment of tracking numbers is based on the policy of a particular agency.
Purged The application has been on the system for 180 days or more and has been purged from the system.