Registering as an Organization

This is where the process of registering your organization for access to begins. Your organization must be registered to apply for grants.

Brief Overview of Registration Process

NOTE: Registration takes, approximately, 3-5 business days; but, allow 4 weeks to complete all steps.
Foreign Registrants: Anyone residing and doing business outside of the United States is still required to complete the five steps of the registration process, in addition to fulfilling supplementary requirements for doing business with the United States government.

STEP 1: Obtain DUNS Number
Same day. If requested by phone (1-866-705-5711), DUNS is provided immediately. If your organization does not have one, you will need to go to the Dun & Bradstreet website at Click to View Exit Disclaimer to obtain the number. *Information for Foreign Registrants. *Webform requests take 1-2 business days.

STEP 2: Register with SAM
Three to five business days or up to two weeks. If you already have a TIN, your SAM registration will take 3-5 business days to process. If you are applying for an EIN please allow up to 2 weeks. Ensure that your organization is registered with the System for Award Management (SAM) at System for Award Management (SAM). If your organization is not, an authorizing official of your organization must register.

STEP 3: Username & Password
Same day. Complete your AOR (Authorized Organization Representative) profile on and create your username and password. You will need to use your organization's DUNS Number to complete this step. Create a Username and Password.

STEP 4: AOR Authorization
*Same day. The E-Business Point of Contact (E-Biz POC) at your organization must login to to confirm you as an Authorized Organization Representative (AOR). Please note that there can be more than one AOR for your organization. In some cases the E-Biz POC is also the AOR for an organization. *Time depends on responsiveness of your E-Biz POC.

At any time, you can track your AOR status by logging in with your username and password. Login as an Applicant (enter your username & password you obtained in Step 3).

Attention Faculty or Staff of Educational Institutions
To submit your application via, you should first check with your Office of Sponsored Programs* to verify that your organization is registered with It is the Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) of your organization who must register the educational institution or applicant organization. Most applications by faculty, staff, or other principal investigators are actually submitted on behalf of the institution at which they are employed; awards are made to the institution. All registration steps for the institution are completed by the AOR; likewise, the AOR is the person who must actually submit the application to Questions about should be directed first to your Office of Sponsored Programs, which will assist you in submitting your application. Please provide that office with sufficient notice of your intent to apply using

The only time it is appropriate to register as an individual with is when you are submitting an application that specifies it is open only to individuals, such as for an individual fellowship or traineeship.

*Your organization may refer to the office as Research, Sponsored Research, Grants, Development, or a similar title.