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STEP 4: AOR Authorization

Has the E-Business Point of Contact (E-BIZ POC) approved your AOR status, which allows you to submit applications on behalf of your organization?
When an AOR registers with, your organization's E-Biz POC will receive an email notification.

Your E-Biz POC must then login to (using the organization's DUNS number for the username and the "MPIN" password obtained in Step 2) and approve the AOR, thereby giving permission to submit applications. When an E-Biz POC approves an AOR, will send the AOR a confirmation email that includes the requesting AOR's name, e-mail address and phone number.

In some cases the E-Biz POC is also the AOR for an organization. If the E-Biz POC wishes to submit applications on behalf of their organization, he or she must also complete a separate AOR profile (Step 3 of the registration process) using a different email than the one used for their E-Biz POC registration. The E-Biz POC will need to approve their AOR status by following the steps described above. Not until the E-Biz POC has approved their new "E-Biz POC + AOR" status, will they be able to submit grant applications on behalf of the organization.

When an E-Biz POC approves an AOR, will send the AOR a confirmation email.

E-Biz POC Registration Checklist

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Purpose of this step:
Only the E-Biz POC can approve AORs. This allows your organization to authorize specific staff members to submit grants.

How long should it take?
This can be immediately, but it depends on how long it takes the E-Biz POC to login and approve the AOR.

Why does the E-BIZ POC have to approve the AOR?
Before submitting a grant application package, you must receive approval within your organization to submit applications on its behalf. This authorization protects an organization from individuals who may submit applications without permission.

The E-Business Point of Contact (E-Biz POC) performs the final step in the registration process. The E-Biz POC authorizes someone to submit a grant application on behalf of their organization.

Only one E-Biz POC is assigned per each of an organization's Data Universal Number System (DUNS) number. If your organization only has one DUNS number then there will be only one E-Biz POC for your organization. There is a possibility that you could be both the E-Biz POC, as well as an Authorized Organization Representative (AOR). If you fall into this classification, you are still required to complete this step and authorize your AOR profile.

When your organization registers with the System for Award Management (SAM), the assignment of the E-Biz POC is required. At this time, a special password will also be created called the "MPIN" (Marketing Partner Identification Number). This password gives you the sole authority to designate which staff members are allowed to submit applications electronically through

The SAM registration must be renewed once a year. You can check your organization's registration expiration date at System for Award Management (SAM) 

The E-Biz POC receives email notification that an individual from their organization has requested to become an AOR to submit grant applications on behalf of the organization. The E-Biz POC will then need to login to using the organization's DUNS number and MPIN and approve or revoke the AOR. When you approve or revoke the AOR, will send the AOR a confirmation email.