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STEP 5: Track AOR Status

How do I track my AOR status?
AORs can track their status at any time by clicking on the Applicant Login link on the home page under "Quick Links" using their username and password (obtained in Step 3) to check if they have been approved.

Check Your AOR Status

Purpose of this step:
To verify that your organization's E-Biz POC has approved you as an AOR. You cannot apply for grants without approval.

How long should it take?
Logging in as an applicant is instantaneous. The approval process to become an AOR depends on how long it takes the E-Biz POC to login and approve your AOR status.

What does my E-Biz POC need to do?
The E-Biz POC will receive an email regarding your AOR registration with links and instructions to complete the process. You will also be cc'ed on this email. The authorization process is dependent on the E-Biz POC logging in and providing authorization. Therefore, you may want to let your E-Biz POC know that you are awaiting this authorization.

Your organization's E-Biz POC must login to, using the organization's Data Universal Number System (DUNS) number and Marketing Partner ID Number (MPIN) password (The MPIN is part of your organization's System for Award Management (SAM) profile) to give you permission to submit applications. When your E-Biz POC approves your request to become an AOR, will send you a confirmation email.

Once you are authorized by your E-Biz POC you have completed the Organization Registration Process.

You are now ready to Find and Apply for grant opportunities.