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Apply for Grants using Workspace

Workspace is the space where you work on your grant application. Workspace allows a team of registered Grants.gov applicants to use a shared online space for completing individual forms and submitting the final application. These forms can be filled out simultaneously by different users, instead of exchanging a single PDF package file via email or a flash drive.

Here are some ways that Workspace could benefit you:

reuse old forms

Reuse Old Forms

Individual forms can be reused across multiple workspaces. Update form fields as needed and save you or your team from having to fill out the same form over and over again.

form data cascades icon

Form Data Cascades

Key applicant information also cascades across all forms in a workspace if the SF424 form is completed first, which will save you time. Enter your information once, and it will populate in every other workspace form.

Form in passed status icon

Detect Errors Earlier

Improved error-checking allows applicants to catch and correct errors earlier resulting in fewer rejected submissions.

online help icon

Online Help

When you use Workspace, help is always just a click away. Locate the nearest question mark icon and you will be taken to a context sensitive help article that explains the page or window in front of you.

online forms icon

Online Forms Coming in 2017

Starting with Release 15.4 in 2017, applicants will be able to complete and update grant application forms online. There will be no need to download a PDF, unless you prefer to do so. This feature will only be available in Workspace. Stay tuned to the Grants.gov Community Blog for updates on online forms development.

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Training Videos

Video tutorials are available on the Applicant Tools & Tips page. They will walk you all the way through the federal grant application process, from finding and applying to submitting the application.

Give Workspace a try during your next application window and save yourself and your team time and effort. Want more details? Click the links below to learn more about Workspace.

Detailed Workspace Instructions

Grants.gov Online User Guide

Find registration, login, and search instructions for all users in the Grants.gov Online User Guide.


For detailed applicant information, review the Applicants section of the online user guide.


Reach Out and Get Help

Contact the Grants.gov Support Center to get help from a Contact Center Representative.


Email us at support@grants.gov or visit our Support page.


Get Application Package

If you know the specific CFDA Number, Funding Opportunity Number, or Funding Opportunity Competition ID, quickly search for the package:



Get Application Package