Welcome to the Grants.gov Grantor Center

Depending on the level of access granted by your Agency Super User, this is where you can manage your profile, run reports, view and retrieve submitted applications. For Grantor information please visit the Grantor section of Grants.gov. If you have any issues or questions please contact your agency representative on the PMO staff.

Agency Points of Contact are your colleagues who have agreed to act as a liaison between your agency and Grants.gov. If you have a question about your agency's participation with Grants.gov or need to establish your User Id/password, and agency code (i.e., get registered), please contact your agency's Point of Contact as provided below.

Agency Name Email
Corporation for National and Community Service Richard Friend rafriend@cns.gov
Department of Commerce Greg Coss gcoss1@doc.gov
Department of Defense Evelyn Kent evelyn.w.kent.civ@mail.mil
Department of Education Khriss Howard khriss.howard@ed.gov
Department of Energy Terry Diehl terri.diehl@hq.doe.gov
Department of Health and Human Services Airrion Jones airrion.jones@hhs.gov
Department of Homeland Security Carlease Moore carlease.moore@dhs.gov
Department of Housing and Urban Development Anne Morillon anne.m.morillon@hud.gov
Department of the Interior Anita Hairston anita_hairston@ios.doi.gov
Department of Justice Maria Swineford maria.swineford@usdoj.gov
Department of Labor Kia Mason mason.kia@dol.gov
Department of State Jeffrey Bell belljn@state.gov
Department of Transportation Laverne Taylor laverne.taylor@dot.gov
Department of Treasury Bill Beard beard.william@irs.gov
Department of Veteran Affairs Kevin Cone kevin.cone@va.gov
Environmental Protection Agency Dennis Finney finney.dennis@epa.gov
Institute of Museum and Library Services Wayne Morlier wmorlier@imls.gov
National Aeronautics and Space Administration Jamiel Commodore jamiel.c.commodore@nasa.gov
National Archives and Records Administration David Davis david.davis@nara.gov
National Endowment for the Arts Jillian Miller millerj@arts.endow.gov
National Endowment for the Humanities Beth Stewart bstewart@neh.gov
National Science Foundation Kim Deutsch kdeutsch@nsf.gov
Small Business Administration Adrienne Dinkins adrienne.dinkins@sba.gov
Social Security Administration Audrey Adams audrey.adams@ssa.gov
US Agency for International Development (USAID) Lia Melakou lmelakou@usaid.gov
US Department of Agriculture (USDA) James McStay james.mcstay@cfo.usda.gov