Find out How to Manage Application Package Forms

Creating Forms

How do I create a form?
To create a form, work with your Agency Administrator and the Agency Program Advisor. Typically, a form can take up to three to four months for development. If you need the form for a package, you will need to allow for this development time in your planning processes.

Will obtain OMB approval for me?
No. Agencies are responsible for obtaining OMB approval prior to submitting the forms to for development. OMB approval is not needed if the Agency uses the SF-424 family of forms, because these forms have been approved for government-wide use.

Viewing Forms

How can I view the forms that has created? has all of the forms listed on the website within the Forms Repository. If you find the form you need is not listed, contact the Agency Point of Contact (POC) to begin the forms development process. If you are the Agency POC, contact your designated Program Advisor.

I'm trying to look at the forms as I'm putting a template together. How can I look at the forms?
You can look at all of the forms listed on the website within the Forms Repository.

How can I look at a form that is already part of a package?
You can look at all of the forms listed on the website within the Forms Repository.

Re-using Forms

Is it possible to reuse an existing form?
Yes. There are four types of forms that are currently available for your use:

  1. Standard forms. OMB has approved Standard Forms such as the SF-LLL, SF-424, SF-424A-D, and the Faith-Based EEO form for government-wide use.
  2. Agency-specific forms. You may reuse forms created by other agencies if the fields on those forms are the same as the fields on one of your existing OMB-approved forms. If necessary, will change the form name, title, and agency logo to meet your needs.
  3. forms. provides "attachment forms", which allows your applicant to include supporting documentation. The attachment form allows the applicant to attach a pre-existing file (Word, Excel, PDF, etc.) such as a budget narrative, project narrative or other miscellaneous documents to supplement the application package.
  4. Government wide forms. The SF-424 was established as the core government-wide standard data set and cover sheet form. From the base SF-424 form, several additional coversheets and forms to address grant information needs for grant programs requiring less applicant information and specific applicant communities applying to mandatory, research and related, and individual program grants.

May I reuse an existing form but add my agency's name to it?
Yes. Just let us know when you submit your data analysis templates for development.

OMB Approval of Forms

Do I need OMB approval for my forms?
Yes. Pre-approved OMB forms do not need to go through another approval process. For forms that have not been approved by OMB, please follow your existing approval process. 

I've signed up for under my sub-agency and I have my username and password, but when I sign-in, nothing appears on the left navigation pane. What's wrong?
The Agency Administrator needs to log-in and assign you ┬┐roles', which will provide you the ability to use the system. They will be able to select the roles that you perform. Once the roles have been assigned to your username, the left navigation pane will reflect what functions you can perform in

My agency requires that all applications be signed. Does handle electronic signatures and has the signature undergone legal review? does provide electronic signatures on those forms with a signature block (e.g., SF424, Certifications and Assurances); but, you should continue to adhere to the policies set forth in your agency regarding electronic signatures for grant applications.

What file formats are supported for applicants for uploading files?
Currently, using the standard attachment forms provided by, there are no restrictions on file types. If you would like to restrict your applicants to certain formats (e.g., Word, Excel, PDF), please specify the particular format within your agency-specific instructions.