Getting Started with Publishing an Application Package

What information will I need to publish an application package?

  • Agency CFDA Number
  • Opportunity Number
  • Opportunity Title
  • Competition ID
  • Open Date
  • Grace Period
  • Agency Contact Information
  • Form Package
  • Application Instructions

 How does my sub-agency get started on
As the agency administrator, you will be able to create your agency's organization in When creating a sub-agency, follow the steps outlined in either the user guide or the training materials. Once you have created the sub-agency, you would provide the sub-agency users with their Agency Enrollment Code.

The Agency Enrollment Code for a particular sub-agency will incorporate all of the enrollment codes for the agencies above it. For example, the Office of Community Services (OCS) within the Administration of Children and Families (ACF), which is a sub-agency of the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) could have an Agency Enrollment Code of the following: HHS-ACF-OCS.

 What is an Agency Enrollment Code, and who needs one? has assigned an agency enrollment code to each of the federal grantor agencies as an identifier within the system. This enrollment code links grantor users to their particular grantor agency and enables the grantor agency "Super User" to assign rights and responsibilities to members of their agency. The agency enrollment code is required for grantor registration and is only given to members of a grantor agency responsible for managing opportunities, application review, generating reports and other grantor functions at This is NOT required for applicants applying for grants.

How does one become a sub-agency administrator?
This is up to the Agency Administrator to control. If receives a request from an agency user to either register to use or become a sub-agency administrator, we will direct them to the Agency Administrator to determine if they should be registered to use the system.

 I don't think our agency is registered on How do I create my agency in will perform the initial set-up of the agency and establish the agency's enrollment code. From there, the Agency Administrator will be able to set-up sub-agencies and other agency users.