Federal Government Agency Grantor Registration

This registration page is for users from federal agencies who need to post and manage funding opportunities. If you are an organization registering or an individual registering to submit applications to Grants.gov, please go to the Applicant section.

Grantor registration is a one-time process and is required for any grant-making agency representative who wishes to post opportunity synopses or application packages and use the grantor system on Grants.gov.

Refer to the following checklist to ensure that you complete every step in the grantor registration process:


You will need your agency's enrollment code to complete the registration process. If you do not know this information, contact your Agency Point of Contact.

Click the Get Registered button below.

Create a username and password and follow directions to finalize the registration process.

Contact your Agency "Super User" to request needed roles to perform your tasks on Grants.gov.

When you have successfully completed these registration steps, you will be able to log on to Grants.gov as a grantor.


Get Registered

Step-by-Step Instructions

For step-by-step instructions for registering as a grantor, logging on, changing your password and unlocking your account, view the Grantor Registration Guide.

Get the Grantor User Guide

To learn about grantor functionality within the Grants.gov system, review the Grantor User Guide. The user guide is available to grantors in the left-navigation menu after they log on.

Need Further Assistance?

If you need further assistance with the registration process, please contact your Grants.gov Program Advisor. These Program Advisors are assigned to specific federal agencies and are available to help answer your questions about getting started on Grants.gov.

Did You Know?

Grantors may register and log on to Grants.gov, but they will not be able to perform agency-related actions until they are assigned a role.