Simplifying the Application Submission Process

1. Encourage your applicants to register with

One of the leading reasons submissions are rejected is the applicant has not completed the registration process.  It is recommended that Agencies provide applicants with an overview of the process in its announcement instructions. For generic language on the registration process, please visit: Standard Language for Using Apply.

NOTE: Our analysis shows that grants posted with the registration process in the announcement are less likely to have application applications rejected for not having completed registration process.

2. Estimate the Expected Number of Applications

It is important, when establishing the Expected Number of Applications, that Agencies estimate as close to the actual amount as possible. The PMO uses these numbers for long and short-term planning purposes (e.g. Help Desk staffing and system monitoring). 

NOTE: If the grant was posted last year, we suggest that you consider using the number of applications received for that opportunity.  If this is a new grant, compare it to a similar funding opportunity to determine how many applications you can expect to receive. 

3. Provide an Agency Contact for Electronic Access Problems

Some agencies are, incorrectly, inserting " Help Desk" as the "Agency Contact" when posting an announcement.  The intent of these fields is to get the applicant to someone, within your program office, who can assist them on your specific announcement.  Here is how the following fields should be used: 

  • Agency Contact: This information is pre-populated, by the system, and contains the contact information of whoever is, currently, logged into the system.
  • Email Address:  This is also pre-populated, by the system, and can be overwritten. Enter the email address of someone, within your agency, who can assist applicants with specific inquiries.
  • Email Description: Enter text which will be presented as a hyperlink to the email address provided. For example, if you entered "Agency Help Desk," then when the synopsis is published and someone clicks on "Help Desk" it will open up an email with the email address already pre-populated in the "To" field.