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Grants Learning Center

Grants Learning Center


Grants 101

Don't let the grant management process intimidate you! This section will help you successfully navigate every key phase, from applying and reporting to the award closeout.

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Rules & Legislation

Policies governing the disbursement and use of federal award funds are always evolving. Get smart fast with this overview of legislation, regulations, and policies.

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Are You Eligible?

Find out whether you or your organization are eligible to apply for and receive a Federal award.

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Grant Terminology

Become an expert in standard grant-related terminology and acronyms.

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Who Gives Grants?

Learn more about the federal agencies that award grants and the programs those funds advance.

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Grant Community

Connect with others in the grant community and access third-party resources and training.

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Grant Systems

Federal and third-party software applications are used to register, apply for, and administer grants.

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Find Funding

Struggling to identify the right opportunity on Grants.gov? Try these other funding options.

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Reporting & Oversight

Learn more about reporting and oversight procedures for federal grants and prepare for success.

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Fraud & Abuse

Billions of dollars are allocated each year for federal grants. Help combat fraudulent behavior.

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