Applicant Troubleshooting

The following list describes System to System Error Messages. They are returned when the Web Services fail.

Error Number Error Name Error Description
00 E_METHOD_UNSUCCESSFUL Method was unsuccessful
01 E_NO_SESSION No session
02 E_NO_USER_CERT No user certificate
03 E_NO_CERT_USER_ID No user ID [serial #] in certificate
04 E_INVALID_CERT Invalid certificate
05 E_NO_AGENCY_TRACK_NUM Missing agency tracking number
06 E_NO_GG_NUM Missing number
07 E_NO_USER_ID Missing user id
08 E_CANT_RETRIEVE_APP Unable to retrieve application
09 E_UNSUPPORTED_FILTER Unsupported Filter"
10 E_USER_LACKS_ROLE User lacks Role necessary to perform this function
11 E_NOT_USERS_APP User not authorized to modify this application
12 E_AUTHORIZATION_FAILURE Authorization Failure
13 E_UNRECOGNIZED_GG_NUM Unrecognized Tracking Number
14 E_CANT_DETERMINE_USER_AGENCY Unable to determine user's organization
15 E_APPLICANT_SUBMIT_DOWN Applicant WS Submission Sub-System is unavailable
16 E_RECEIVE_ERROR was unable to receive your submission
17 E_APPS_NOT_RETRIEVED Applications not yet retrieved.
18 E_NO_OPPORTUNITY_XML Opportunity/FOA XML is null or empty
19 E_NO_OPPORTUNITY_NUM Missing opportunity/FOA number.
20 E_NO_OPPORTUNITY_FOR_AGENCY Could not find opportunity for your agency.
21 E_ATTACHMENT_ERROR The following attachment error(s) were found:
22 E_INVALID_XML_USER_ID Invalid user ID in opportunity XML
23 E_NOT_AOR You are not designated by your organization to be an Authorized Organizational Representative.
24 E_INVALID_USER_PASSWORD_ATTEMPT Please verify that you have typed your username and password correctly. Note: The password is case sensitive
25 E_USER_PASSWORD_EXPIRING Warning! Your Password will expire in
26 E_USER_LOCKED Alert! This account has been locked because three (3) consecutive unsuccessful login attempts were made. Please wait 15 minutes before attempting to submit an application.
27 E_USER_PASSWORD_EXPIRED Alert! Your Password has expired. In order to submit your application you will need to change your password. After you have successfully changed your password submit the application package again.
28 E_USER_INACTIVE Your account is inactive.
29 E_SUBMISSION_INVALID_STATUS Only applications in the following status can be downloaded: Validated, Received by Agency, or Agency Tracking Number Assigned.