Applicant Web Services

The APPLICANT S2S Web Service Library Version 2.0 is described below.

NOTE: S2S V0 and V1 end points will be discontinued effective January 1, 2016. Please use or upgrade to the S2S V2.0 end point.

Web Service Feature Schema Version V0 Schema Version V1 Schema Version V2.0
AuthenticateAOR Authenticate AOR - yes yes
GetApplicationInfo Get Application Info - yes yes
GetApplicationList Get Application List yes yes yes
GetApplicationStatusDetail Get Application Status yes yes yes
GetApplicationZip Get Application Zip - - yes
GetOpportunities Get Opportunities - yes yes
GetOpportunityPlusCompTitle Get Opportunity Plus Comp Title - - yes
SubmitApplication Submit Application yes yes yes
SubmitApplicationAsThirdParty Submit Application As Third Party - yes yes
GetApplicationListAsThirdParty Get Application List As Third Party - - yes
GetApplicationInfoAsThirdParty Get Application Info As Third Party - - yes