Get Started with the Grantor System-to-System Now


The following are the prerequisites for getting started with the System to System (S2S) interface:

  • Developer with understanding of XML and experience using web services
  • Even though any technology can be used to implement an S2S interface with, knowledge of JAVA would be helpful to understand code samples included in the Agency Reference Implementation.
  • Understanding of your existing database(s) which will be used to retrieve and store information needed to send/receive to/from

Setting up System To System with

This section assumes that your agency or sub-agency exists in and you have an administrator (admin) user account. For clients connecting to Web Services for the first time, please reference the following:

If you are currently using web services and would like to upgrade to the latest Web Service Library (Version 2.0), please refer to the Agency Upgrading.

For web services assistance, please contact