Grantor Versions & WSDLs

Grantor S2S Version Table

The supported System to System (S2S) versions are:

  • V2.0 - Deployed with Release 12.0 in August 2012

NOTE: S2S V0 and V1 endpoints were discontinued January 4, 2016. Please use or upgrade to the S2S V2.0 endpoint.

The table below lists the web services that are supported in each version of the Agency System to System (S2S) web services library.

Feature Web Service Name Comments
Assign Agency Tracking Number AssignAgencyTrackingNumber  
Confirm Application Delivery ConfirmApplicationDelivery  
Create Opportunity CreateAdobeOpportunity  
Delete Opportunity DeleteAdobeOpportunity  
Delete Synopsis DeleteAdobeSynopsis  
Get Application GetApplication  
Get Application List GetApplicationList  
Get Application ZIP GetApplicationZip  
Manage Single Project Package ManagePackage web interface supports Multi-project packages
Update Opportunity UpdateAdobeOpportunity  
Update Application Info UpdateApplicationInfo  

Web services versions have no impact on the form versions used. Any version of the forms can be submitted and retrieved by S2S V2.0.


Version 2.0 (V2.0)

V2.0 is the latest library of web services. It uses Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism (MTOM) to support streaming of large submissions.

The endpoint and WSDL information for the Agency Web Service Library V2.0 is provided below:
Training Environment Endpoint:
Production Environment Endpoint:
WSDL: AgencyWebServices-V2.0.wsdl

Other S2S Resources

The following is the URL for the Grant Application Meta Data in

Training Environment:

Production Environment: