Important E-Biz POC Login and Password Reset Update

When an EXISTING E-Biz POC logs in for the first time after the October 11, 2010 Security Build, the E-Biz POC must enter the DUNS and for the Password field, enter the MPIN. If the MPIN is unknown, the E-Biz POC can check online at

A search can be run through SAM using either the organization's Data Universal Number System (DUNS) Number or legal business name. Once the E-Biz POC has entered the MPIN at and it is verified, the system will immediately request that the E-Biz POC change the password. Once changed, the MPIN will no longer be able to be used as a password.

In order for a NEW E-Biz POC account to be established at an applicant from that organization must register to become an Authorized Organization Representative with Once the applicant has completed registration, the NEW E-Biz POC account will be established. A system-generated password will be sent in an email to be used to log in to the E-Biz POC account. This new password will be sent to the E-Biz POC SAM email address on file with If your email is not the email on file with SAM, you may not be the E-Biz POC. Please check with SAM or your organization for the E-Biz POC. E-Biz POCs may receive two emails if they are also an applicant. Look closely at the link provided to determine if the email is intended for an E-Biz POC or Applicant. The link will either contain "userType=applicant" or "userType=ebiz."

The I Forgot My Password/Unlock My Account functionality for an E-Biz POC with an established password, is a new option that allows an E-Biz POC to request a system-generated password through an email message. The system will send the email to the address in the user's profile. The "I Forgot My Password/Unlock My Account" feature cannot be used to reset SAM MPINs. You must contact SAM directly at for more information.

The system is currently designed to grant log in access to the E-Biz POC using the DUNS and new password. When the DUNS and MPIN are shared within an organization and the password has been changed, the system will deny access when different passwords are entered for the same DUNS. Be sure to share new passwords with all necessary users within the agency. Read more about the new E-Biz POC functionality below.

FAQs for E-Biz POCs are available in the Applicant Resources section.

The Help Desk is also available as an additional resource, however; the caller should be the organization's official E-Biz POC for matters concerning MPIN.