How can I improve my application submission speed?

The time it will take to upload your application for submission varies based on the size of the application package (including attachments). The smaller the size of the application package file, the faster it can be submitted to Compressing your attachment files is one way to limit application file size however this must be done in accordance to the grantor agency guidelines and instructions for the opportunity.

The table below "Estimated Application Submission (Upload) Speeds" shows time estimates for a 10MB application package file upload for submission using different bandwidths (internet connection speed). The time and speed will also vary based on whether you are running various internet applications or if you have dedicated all your bandwidth to submitting the application package.

Estimated Application Upload Submission Speeds

Bandwidth (connection speed) Bit Rate (Kbps) Upload Speed (min)
Dialup Modem --- 125
DSL 128 - 384 11
Satellite 128 - 256 10
Premium DSL 384 - 768 6
Cable 384 - 768 4
Premium Cable 768 - 1500 2
TI 768 - 1000 2