What are the special character restrictions on file names for attachments included in application packages?

NOTICE:  All applicants MUST follow the guidance on file naming conventions. To avoid submission issues, please follow the guidance provided in the Application Package as they vary from grantor to grantor.

File attachment names longer than approximately 50 characters can cause problems processing packages. Please limit file attachment names. Only use special characters listed in the grantor instructions.  Please note that if these guidelines are not followed, your application may be rejected.

We are seeing issues (i.e. "java.lang.Exception: 16 errors") when submissions are not following the filename restrictions.

Below are two examples where the system returned "error 16" when an applicant used an incorrect filename:


[2009-02-11 11:17:46,610][FATAL][GrantS2SFacade.submitApplication()1377]-Couldn't completely receive Submission due to unknown Exception. Throwing Exception to WS Implementation

org.dom4j.InvalidXPathException: Invalid XPath expression: //att:FileLocation[@att:href='D'ASSORO+BCRT+2002_FTLUII5NT77KT4IQDKQGDQBAD6.pdf'] Expected: ]

java.lang.Exception: 16