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Once a day the entire database, which includes all the active grants, will be exported to an XML file called "GrantsDBExtractYYYYMMDD.xml". This will allow you to download this file and import it's content to your database. Because the database can be very large, the XML file, which is a text file, can also be very large. Therefore, the actual XML file gets compressed in to a Zip file so the file size that you download is significantly smaller. Database dump files will be placed on the grants.gov server at "http://www.grants.gov/search/XMLExtract.do", files will be named "GrantsDBExtractYYYYMMDD.zip" where YYYY is the four-digit year, MM is the 2-digit month, and DD is the 2-digit day of the month. You can find the DTD to the XML file and the description of each element in this file. This service is used mostly by power users, and database owners. Click to search grant opportunities.

Xml Extract Portlet