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AORs with Expanded Access

Applicant organizations may decide to expand an AOR's system access, which will allow users with the AOR role to access all the workspace packages and application submissions across the entire organization. This organizational setting allows AORs with expanded access to review and submit any application for the organization. AORs with expanded access, thus, have access to every form, both financial and programmatic, in every workspace.

An EBiz POC or AOR with the MPIN may change this organization profile setting to make workspace package submission more efficient. For more information on changing this setting, review the Manage Organization Profile help article.

How do I know if I’m an AOR with expanded access?

Click the Applicants tab, then check the title of the Applicant Center page. If it says Applicant Center for Expanded AOR, then you are an AOR with expanded access. You can also look at the menu headers in the left navigation menu. If you see AOR Actions, then you are an AOR with expanded access.

Note: As a general rule when reading the Online User Guide, references to the actions available to an AOR, Workspace Owner, or Workspace Participant are available to AORs with expanded access.

Taking Action as an AOR with Expanded Access

Review the following help articles for more details on the actions available to AORs with expanded access, as well as references to the specific how-to instructions for completing each action.


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