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Check Application Status for Organization

AORs with expanded access are able to check the status of applications for the organization. This functionality is also available to the EBiz POC and AORs with the MPIN.

How to Check an Application Status

  1. Click the Check Application Status for Organization link under the AOR Actions heading on the Applicant Center for Expanded AORs page.

  2. Select search filters in the Search By and Sort By drop-down menus.

  3. Click the Search button. To review your search results in Microsoft Excel, click the Export Data button.

  4. Review the Status column.

How to Download a Submitted Application

  1. Complete steps 1 - 4 in the How to Check an Application Status instructions above.

  2. Click the link listed under the Submission Name/Files column to view the list of form(s) and attachment(s) that were submitted.

  3. Click the row of the submitted application you wish to download. The row will be highlighted yellow once selected.

  4. Click the Download Application button to download a zip file of previously submitted applications.

Note: Applicants can download a zip file of applications only when the submitted application is in one of the following statuses: Validated, Received by Agency, or Agency Tracking Number Assigned.

How to Check an Application Status in Workspace

  1. Access the Manage Workspace for Organization page.

  2. Click the Details tab.

  3. Review the Status column.

  4. Click the Download link under the Actions column to review the submitted workspace package.


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