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Create Workspace

To apply for a federal funding opportunity, you can create a workspace and add your team of grant applicants to the workspace. Read the What Is Workspace? help article for more information.

How to Create a Workspace

  1. Login and access the Applicant Center page.

Note: Only users with the Manage Workspace role can create a workspace.

  1. Click the Create Workspace link under the Grant Applications heading.

  2. Enter either the Funding Opportunity Number field or the Opportunity Package ID field that corresponds to the grant you wish to apply for. If you do not know this information, go to the Search Grants tab to find an opportunity to apply for.

  3. Create a descriptive application name in the Application Filing Name field.

  4. Click the Create Workspace button. Upon a successful creation, you will be directed to the Manage Workspace page. Refer to the Manage Workspace help article for more information on applying using Workspace. You may also create a workspace from the View Grant Opportunity page. You cannot create a workspace for a multi-project package.

Note: If more than one application package fits this search criteria, you will be prompted with a list. Click the Select link for the correct application package.


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