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Download an Application Package (Single- or Multi-Project)

The following instructions explain how to download an application from Downloading a grant application package allows you to complete it offline and route it through your organization for review before submitting. Before downloading, you need to ensure your Adobe software version is compatible with

Instructions on how to open and use the forms in the application package appear on the application package cover sheet. Agency specific instructions are also available for download when you download your application package, which include required information for your submission.

Awarding agencies can post single-project and multi-project application packages in To download either a single- or multi-project application package, follow the steps below, then navigate to the subsequent single- or multi-project download instructions.

How to Download an Application Package (Single- or Multi-Project)

  1. Access the View Grant Opportunity page by clicking the Funding Opportunity Number link in the Search Grants results.

  2. Click the Application tab on the View Grant Opportunity page.

  3. Click the Apply link under the Actions column for the application package you wish to download.

  4. Review the on-screen information to confirm that you are downloading the correct application package.

  5. Decide whether to enroll in automated email notifications. These emails notify you, the applicant, when the application package was changed and republished on by the grant-making agency.

    • To Enroll - Enter your email address in both the Email and Confirm Email fields, then click the Submit button.

    • To Not Enroll - Select the No, I do not wish to provide my email address option, then click the Submit button.

Warning: If you choose not to enter your email address and the application package is deleted or modified by the awarding agency, you may receive a rejection notice upon submitting the application package.

  1. A message will appear on-screen confirming your decision either to register for the notifications or to elect not to receive the change notifications.

  2. Click on the Download Instructions button under Option 2: Download Legacy Application Package.

  3. Thoroughly review the Application Instructions to ensure you are eligible and meet all other requirements before applying.

  4. Follow the instructions based on whether you are downloading a single-project or multi-project application package:


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