How to Apply for Grants

The general steps for how to apply for a grant include: (1) creating a workspace, (2) completing the forms, and (3) submitting the workspace package. Creating a workspace for the funding opportunity allows you to apply using a shared online environment where team members of an organization may simultaneously access and edit various forms within an application.

Before applying, remember you must be registered as an applicant. Also, it is helpful to have the Funding Opportunity Number (FON) and/or CFDA Number of the desired grant. You can obtain this information from the Search Grants tab.

The application process consists of several main steps. Below is a summary of the process with links to detailed instructions on completing each step to apply for grants on

  1. Find a grant and click the Apply button on the View Grant Opportunity page. If you are not familiar with Workspace, read the What Is Workspace? help article.

  1. Complete the Grant Application using Workspace - To complete an application, you will need to complete all the required forms and attach all the required elements. Access the help article for instructions on completing online forms and submitting your application using Workspace.

  2. Submit the Workspace Application - Once all the required forms and attachments are completed, you can check for errors and submit the application package.

Note: If you apply using the individual PDF forms in Workspace, all applicants need to download the application viewer, Adobe Reader, in order to complete the application forms.