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Download a Single-Project Application Package

CAUTION: The legacy PDF application package will be retired December 31, 2017. recommends applying with Workspace now.

Follow these instructions to download a single-project application package after completing all the steps from the How to Download an Application Package (Single- or Multi-Project) instructions.

How to Download a Single-Project Application Package

  1. Click the Download Package button. You will be directed to open or save the application package PDF to your computer.

  2. Select from the following actions for opening and saving an application package:

    • To open the application package, click the Open button and the application package will open in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

    • To save the application package, click the Save button and the file will be saved to the default download location on your computer.

    • To save the application package to a specific folder, click the Save as button and browse to the location where you would like to store the application package on your computer or network. Enter the name of the application in the File Name field for a specific location on your computer and click Save.

  3. To view the application package, open the PDF file that you saved to your computer or network.


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