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Manage Workspaces for Organization

AORs with expanded access are able to manage all of the workspaces for the organization. This is the same functionality given to the EBiz POC or AOR with the MPIN.

The Manage Workspaces for Organization page provides the AOR with expanded access with a high-level view of all the workspaces within the organization. From this page, you can search for these workspaces and check the status of each. You are also able to export these data if you prefer to review it in a spreadsheet.

Additionally, you may access the Manage Workspace for Organization page for any workspace within the organization. For more detailed instructions, refer to the following help articles:

Note: This is the same functionality available to the EBiz POC and an AOR with the MPIN, so you will be directed for the EBiz POC Actions section for detailed instructions.


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