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Add Workspace Access to a User

Adding workspace access to a user makes them a Workspace Participant, thus allowing the user to contribute to the completion of that application. If the selected user is a participant of many workspaces, you may use the search feature to narrow the results. Once you click the Search button, the results grid will be refreshed, but the checkbox status in the Actions column will be saved even if the row is no longer displayed.

How to Add a User to a Workspace

  1. Access the Manage Access to Workspaces for Organization page.

  2. Click the Add Workspaces button to add the user to additional workspace(s). This button will open the Add Access to Organization Workspaces pop-up window.

  3. Click the Add check box under the Actions column for all of the workspaces to which you wish to add the user.

    • You may use the Deselect All button to uncheck all of the Add boxes for the workspaces currently displayed in the search results grid.

    • You may click the Select All button to add the user to all of the workspaces currently displayed in the search results grid.

  1. Click the Save button to add the user to these workspaces. A confirmation message will appear, notifying the EBiz POC of how many workspaces the user was added to as a Workspace Participant.

After adding a user to a workspace, automatically emails the user that was added a list of all the workspaces to which they were added.




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