Applicant Management

The Applicant Management section contains functionality that users with the appropriate access can change, edit, and manage organizational-level settings and access.

Accessing these Functions

The E-Business Point of Contact (EBiz POC) is an organization applicant who is responsible for the administration and management of grant activities for his or her organization, which includes authorizing roles. The EBiz POC is likely to be an organization's chief financial officer or authorizing official.

There can only be one EBiz POC per Unique Entity Identifier (UEI), but a user who has the Expanded AOR role can also utilize the Applicant Management actions. In some organizations, a person may serve as both an EBiz POC and a user with the Expanded AOR role. In this situation, the person who is the EBiz POC will need to register an account with and add an organization profile. Then, log in as the EBiz POC and assign the Expanded AOR role to their newly registered account.

Important: The actions and steps outlined in the Applicant Management help articles may be completed both by the "EBiz POC" and by a user with the Expanded AOR role.

Individual Applicants: If you are registered in and only have an individual profile (i.e., not applying on behalf of an organization), the Applicant Management do not apply to you. Review the Variations for Individual Applicants help article for more information.