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Manage Certificates

Certificates are used by applicant organizations to use the system-to-system web services to connect with These unique certificates are treated as users with contact information and roles.

Note:  If you do not see the Manage Certificates link in the left-navigation menu, then your organization does not use these web services or you do not have the roles or access to manage these certificate's roles.

How to View Certificates and Manage Roles

  1. Select the Manage Certificates link in the left-navigation menu. You may be prompted to enter your organizations MPIN. If you do not know this, speak with your organizations EBiz POC.

  2. Review the Certificates table.

  3. Select the Manage Roles link under the Actions column for the certificate whose roles you wish to view or change.

  4. Change the certificate's role as appropriate under the Assigned Role setting. For more information about each role and its associated privilege(s), click the Details link.

  5. To save your changes, click the Save button. To undo your changes, click Cancel button.


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