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Manage Roles

The EBiz POC, or an AOR with the MPIN, must log in to and assign role(s) in the system. Roles are assigned to a user's profile with your organization.

How to Assign or Reassign Roles

  1. Click the Manage Applicants link, which is under the Manage Applicants header on the Applicant Center page. If you logged in as an AOR, you will be prompted to enter an MPIN password.

  2. Search for the user by entering their Username, First Name, or Last Name.

  3. Click the Search button to generate results.

  4. Review the Results table, the select the Manage Roles link in the Actions column for the user whom you want to change their roles.

  5. Select the roles you wish to give the user, then click the single arrow pointing toward the Current Roles box. To assign all of the roles to the user, click the arrow pointing to the right followed by a vertical bar (>|).

    • Authorized Applicant (AOR) – A user with this role is authorized to submit applications on behalf of the organization. When you assign the AOR role, the Manage Workspace role is automatically added as well. A user cannot have the AOR role without also having the Manage Workspace role. But, a user can have the Manage Workspace role and not have the AOR role. Therefore, when you move the Authorized Applicant (AOR) role to the Current Roles box, the Manage Workspace role will automatically move with it.

    • Manage Workspace – A user with this role is authorized to create new workspaces and manage users' access to workspaces within the organization.

  6. To save your changes, click the Continue button. To cancel your changes, click Cancel Reassign.


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