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Revoke EBiz POC Access

An EBiz POC is able to revoke EBiz POC access from users with the AOR role as desired. When you revoke EBiz POC access, you are removing the permissions of an AOR to act as an EBiz POC.

How to Revoke EBiz POC Access

  1. From the Manage Applicants page, search for the applicant by username, first name, or last name.

  2. Click the Search button. The system returns a list of applicant records meeting the criteria.

  3. Click the Revoke link in the EBiz POC column for the user whose access you want to revoke. The system directs you to the Revoke EBiz POC Access Confirmation page.

  4. Click the Revoke EBiz POC Access button to revoke the user’s EBiz POC access. If you decide not to remove the EBiz POC access, click the Cancel button.


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