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Get Started is designed to enable federal grant-making agencies to create funding opportunities and applicants to find and apply for these federal grants. The Online User Guide provides explanations and step-by-step instructions for both applicants and grantors to complete these processes.

Each page of information is referred to as a “help article,” which you can access by clicking the  icons throughout and by using the navigation features listed below. For general information about the grants lifecycle and policies, click the Learn Grants tab on

Navigation in the Online User Guide

Table of contents iconTable of Contents: The primary navigation tool is the table of contents, which is designed to follow the system structure. The help instructions in the Register, Login, and Search Grants sections are for all users. The Applicants, Grantors, and Administrators sections pertain specifically to those types of users.


Glossary iconGlossary: The online user guide also features a glossary of terms pertinent to using the system. If you are new to grants or would like a broader range of grant-related terms, the Grant Terminology page on may also be helpful.


Search iconSearch: Type the name of an action, a page title, or any other questions you may have into the search bar. Click the Search icon in the search bar or select the Enter key on your keyboard to return results with the instructions and help you need.


Index iconIndex: The online user guide also features an index of all the terms and associated topics used throughout the guide. The index sorts these terms alphabetically, then connects them with other terms and topics used in relation to each other.


Multiple Views of the Online User Guide

The Online User Guide is built with a responsive design to allow for multiple views based on your device and screen size. On computers and devices with smaller screen sizes, the expanded table of contents will not display automatically.

Desktop or Laptop Computer Online User Guide Get Started help article screenshot


View of the online user guide using a tablet


View of online user guide on a smartphone

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