Add Profile

The Add Profile button in the Manage Profiles tab allows you to associate a new applicant profile with your account. You may only add one profile per Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) within an account. This button will not be visible if the Merge Accounts tab is shown on the Manage Account page.

Note: This function is not available to EBiz POCs because their profile information is managed in EBiz POCs may view a read-only version of account information on the Manage Organization Profile page.

How to Add a Profile

  1. Login to

  2. Click the My Account link in the upper-right corner of the banner.

  3. Click the Manage Profiles tab.

  4. Click the Add Profile button in the Manage Profiles tab

  5. Select either the New Profile or From Existing Account radio button.

  6. Select the Profile Type for the new profile you wish to create.

    1. Organization Applicant: If you will work on applications on behalf of an organization, and not yourself, select this option and enter the UEI.

    2. Individual Applicant: If you will apply for grants for yourself, select this option.

  1. Enter a descriptive Profile Name. Be sure to use a descriptive, memorable name. Each Profile Name must be unique within your account (i.e., no duplicate profile names).

  2. Enter your Job Title.

  3. Click the Save button once you have confirmed the information in the Add Profile modal is accurate. Or, click the Cancel button to end this process.


Restoring a Deleted Profile

When a profile is added, the system checks for a prior corresponding profile that may have been deleted and restores it.

If an individual profile is restored, the user will have access to any submissions made under that profile prior to its deletion.

If an organization profile is restored, the user will have access to submissions made under that profile only if the role had Submit privileges and is re-assigned to the restored profile.

Note: Only Participants with the Standard AOR role, Expanded AOR role or a custom role with Submit privileges can submit a completed application.