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Change Account Details Tab

The Change Account Details tab contains basic contact and account security information.

Note: This page is not available to EBiz POCs because their profile information is managed in EBiz POCs may view a read-only version of this information on the Manage Organization Profile page.

How to Update Account Details or Contact Information

  1. Login to

  2. Click the My Account link in the upper-right corner of the banner. This page will open with the Change Account Details tab open.

  3. Edit the applicable fields under the Contact Information or Account Details sections.

    1. All fields may only contain alphanumeric characters, question marks, periods, dashes, underscores, and the @ symbol

    2. Secret Question/Answer: Enter a question only you would be able to answer and will be able to remember in the future. Do not write down your account information.

  4. Confirm the information entered is accurate.

  5. Enter your account password in the Password field. You must enter your password correctly to change Account Details information.

  6. Click the Save Details button.

    • If completed successfully, you will receive a confirmation message and email notification of your account details change.

    • If you receive error messages for any of the fields, you must re-enter the information using the accepted characters and other validations. Click the Save Details button again after correcting the errors.



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