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Manage Profiles Tab

The Manage Profiles tab displays all the different profiles associated with your account. Each profile corresponds to a federal agency or applicant organization the user represents. Additionally, users can maintain an individual applicant profile. From this tab, you can add, delete, or modify these profiles.

Actions and Buttons

The following actions and buttons may be available in the Manage Profiles tab:

  • Add Profile: This button allows you to associate a new profile with your account. This button will not be visible if the Merge Accounts tab is shown on the Manage Account page.

  • Edit: This link allows you to modify an existing profile.

  • Delete: This link permanently deletes an existing profile. You cannot delete a profile marked as Default.

  • Make Default: This link sets a profile as the default profile you are automatically in when you log in to

Columns in the Profiles Table

Each row in the table listing profiles represents one profile within your account. Below are summaries of the columns of information found in the table:

  • Profile Name: The name that you assigned to this profile. To change this, click the Edit link in the Actions column.

  • DUNS / Agency Code: For applicants, each profile is defined by a unique DUNS number. For grantors, the Agency Code identifies your agency in

  • Type: There are two possible profile types: (1) organization applicant and (2) individual applicant. Most users are organization applicants (i.e., applying on behalf of an organization rather than themselves). Note: Grantor profiles appear in a separate table.

  • Job Title: Occupation or organizational position entered during the Add Profile process. To change this, click the Edit link in the Actions column.

  • Role(s): Lists all of the roles associated with each applicant profile.

  • Actions: See Actions and Buttons section above.


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