Merge Accounts

After logging in, you will be prompted by the Account Consolidation pop-up modal to merge all your accounts that use the same email address or assign new emails to duplicate accounts. Below are instructions on how to merge multiple accounts.

Note: Each account can have only one profile per DUNS (for applicants) or Agency Code (for grantors).

How to Merge Accounts

  1. Login to After login, you may be prompted by the Account Consolidation modal. If so, click the Merge Accounts button.

  2. Click the Send Temporary Code button to receive a code to your email address on record to allow you to merge your accounts. This is an additional security verification step to better protect your accounts.

  3. Check your email inbox. If the email is not in your email inbox, check your junk and spam filters for the email. Please allow for several minutes to receive the code.

  4. Enter the code into the Temporary Code field, then click the Submit button. If you do not receive the email, click the Resend Temporary Code button.

  5. Click the OK button after successfully confirming your email address.

  6. Either continue with the username you are currently logged in with or login using a different account. Click the Continue button to proceed. Or, click the Login to Use Another Username button and repeat the above steps to merge your accounts.

  7. Select the accounts you wish to keep or delete. The Accounts with Matching Email Address table lists all the accounts that are associated with your email address. Select Keep in the Actions column for every account you want to keep as a separate profile.

  8. Please select Delete in the Actions column for all accounts that you no longer need. This is a permanent action.

  9. Click the Merge button once you have selected all the accounts to keep or delete. After merging, you will receive a confirmation message and be routed to the Manage Profiles tab. The Merge Accounts tab will no longer be accessible.

Columns in the Accounts with Matching Email Address Table

Each row in the Accounts with Matching Email Address table represents one account that uses this same email address. These "accounts" will become separate "profiles" contained within one unique account. Below are summaries of the columns of information found in the table: