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Activity Tab — View Applicant Activity

The Activity tab on the Manage Workspace page collects information about all Participant and system actions within the workspace. Below is a summary of the Activity tab. For more details on the data elements in the Workspace Activity table, click the links listed under the Tab Contents section below. Each link directs you to more detailed information about each column on the Activity Tab page.

Tab Contents

The information in the Activity tab is divided into the following columns of the Workspace Activity table:

  • Timestamp: Contains the date and time of the Participant/system action

  • Category: Notes whether the activity involved a Participant, Form, or Workspace record

  • Action: Identifies the specific action that was taken

  • Performed On: Contains the specific name of the Participant, Form or Workspace that received the action

  • Performed By: Lists the Participant or system that performs the action

  • Details: Contains additional information about the action (if any is available).

Note: Actions performed by "System" are automated actions triggered by Participant actions (or inaction).

Export Data

To export the data as an Excel file, click the Export Detailed Data button on the right side of the Workspace Activity table title bar. Data columns in the exported file are titled as follows: Timestamp, Category, Action, Performed On, Performed By, Details, Workspace ID, Opportunity Package ID, Funding Opportunity Number, CFDA, and Competition ID.

Note: If your organization uses custom roles rather than the core roles in, please refer to your internal training resources about The Online User Guide uses the core roles (i.e., Workspace Manager, Standard AOR, and Expanded AOR) to explain which users may access and perform actions. For more information, review the Manage Organization Roles help article.


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