Add Attachment in a Webform

Some webforms include questions from the grantor that ask you to attach a file.

Note: Files attached within a webform will only be displayed within that webform. These attachments within the webform will not be listed in the preview form function or the preview function while reusing a workspace. The attachments will still appear in the webform and be submitted whenever the application package is submitted.

How to Attach a File in a Webform

  1. Select the Webform link to access the webform.

  2. Select the Add Attachments button to attach a file to the webform.

  3. Navigate through your device's file folders to locate the appropriate file.

  4. Select the Open button to attach the file. Depending on your device, operating system, and web browser, the button name to attach the file may vary (e.g., Save, Attach, Select).

  5. Select the View Attachment button to confirm you attached the correct file. To remove the file, select the Delete Attachment button or select the Browse button and repeat these steps.