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Complete the Application and Notify AOR

An application in Workspace can be completed – and its AOR notified – with the click of a button on the Manage Workspace page, under the Forms tab. Clicking the Complete and Notify AOR button changes the workspace status to Ready for Submission, and it also notifies Participants with the AOR role of the status change. This button does not submit the application.

The Complete and Notify AOR button can be found in the Workspace Actions box. The button will be visible and active for the Workspace Owner and for users with access to Applicant Management functionality under the following circumstances:

  • The workspace does not have an alert message highlighting a submission issue

  • The forms selected for submission are in the “Passed” status

  • The workspace has a Participant with the AOR role and/or the organization has given its AOR users expanded access

After the button is clicked, if any forms are locked by another user, you will be asked to confirm your action. By clicking the Continue button on this prompt, you will unlock all the forms that were previously locked by other users. This action will also be logged in Activity tab.

Caution: Please consult with the user(s) who have locked the forms before completing this action. By overriding their locked forms, your action may disrupt pending development or upload processes.

The workspace status will change to Ready for Submission. Participants with the AOR role will be notified of the status change and a success message will be displayed. If an organization has given its AOR users expanded access, all AORs will be notified when the button is clicked.

Note: If the workspace has not been refreshed since changes were made, clicking the Complete and Notify AOR button may trigger an error message. If this happens, look at the workspace activity log to learn what change triggered the error. For more information, see the Resolving Problems and Errors help article.

Individual Applicants: If you are registered in as an individual (i.e., not applying on behalf of an organization), the Complete and Notify AOR action does not apply to you. Review the Variations for Individual Applicants help article for more information.


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