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Cross-Form Errors

Before submitting a workspace package, you must click the Check Application button to check for errors with the application. Part of this action includes a cross-form validation in which checks across related forms and compares the common fields to ensure data consistency.

Cross-form errors occur when there are conflicts between forms where there is a data dependency. In most cases, the cross-form error is caused by completing the forms out of order. As a result, you will receive this message:

Cross-Form Errors: The following cross-form validation(s) failed. Please refer to the online help for information on resolving these errors.”

Below the Cross-Form Errors message is a list of all the forms with errors. To resolve the cross-form validation errors, please review the forms and data fields identified in the validation error message and correct the inconsistent data. You must modify each of these forms so that the related fields no longer have a discrepancy or failed requirement.

For instructions on how to access and modify a workspace form, refer to the Fill Out Individual Forms help article.


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