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Details Tab—View Details

The Details tab on the Manage Workspace page contains important information about the application packages that have been submitted through the workspace. To view a submitted workspace package, click the link in the Actions column to download the zip file.

The information on the Details Tab is broken into three sections:

1. The Workspace Details box near the top of the Details tab lists the following information:

  • DUNS number: The 13-character DUNS number associated with the organization

  • Organization name: The name of the applicant organization

  • Created On Date: The date the workspace was created

  • Last Activity Date: The date the last action was taken inside the workspace


2. The Package Details box lists the following information:

  • CFDA number: The number assigned to a Federal program in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance

  • Competition ID – Title: The number and title associated with a funding opportunity in the system

  • Contact information: The contact information that is listed in the funding opportunity package


3. The Workspace Grant Tracking Numbers table lists information about each submission that has been made through the workspace. The Workspace Grant Tracking Numbers table contains the following columns:

  • Number: Lists the number automatically generated by for every application submission

  • Date/Time Received: Lists the submission timestamp for the application in the following format: Jul 10, 2019 11:23:52 AM EDT

  • Status: May contain a range of messages about the submission status of the application, including Validated, Received by Agency, Agency Tracking Number Assigned, and Rejected with Errors. If “Rejected with Errors” is displayed, the message will appear as a link that, when clicked, opens to a pop-up window and contains information about the reason the package was rejected. (This information can also be found via the Check Application Status link on the Applicant Center page.) For more on this, see the Submission Status help article

  • Status Date: Lists the timestamp of the latest status update in the following format: Jul 10, 2019 11:23:52 AM EDT

  • Submitted By: Lists the first and last name of the applicant who submitted the application

  • Agency Tracking Number and Notes: Contains a unique number assigned by the agency that may be clicked when active to reveal notes also posted by the agency. For more on this, see the Tracking Numbers and Notes help article

  • Actions: Contains download links to zip files of application packages that have been successfully submitted through the workspace and more detailed information about the submission.

Note: If no application package has been made from this workspace, the table will be empty and contain only the column headers.

Note: If your organization uses custom roles rather than the core roles in, please refer to your internal training resources about The Online User Guide uses the core roles (i.e., Workspace Manager, Standard AOR, and Expanded AOR) to explain which users may access and perform actions. For more information, review the Manage Organization Roles help article.


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