Lock Forms

Workspace Participants may lock individual forms from within the Forms tab of the Manage Workspace page. Locking a form prevents other users from updating the form while you are working on it or after you completed the final version. If you download a form but will not complete and update the form, then you should not lock it to allow other Workspace Participants to update the form.

How to Lock a Form or Subform

  1. In the Forms tab on the Manage Workspace page, click the desired form’s Lock link under the Actions column. If you click Upload link or Webform link, the form will also automatically lock.

  2. The form will be locked to the Participant, meaning that no other user will be able to update the form.

Note: Users with Workspace Owner access or the AOR role may override form locks, if necessary.

  1. The workspace will be refreshed automatically, the action will be logged in the Activity tab, and [Locked] will be appended to the Form Status.

Note: Subforms listed on the Subform pop-up window may be locked in the same way, after first clicking the Manage Subforms link under the Form Name column.