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Unlock Forms

An unlocked form may be worked on (i.e., the Webform link or Download/Upload links) by a Workspace Participant. Workspace Participants may unlock individual forms they themselves locked from within the Forms tab of the Manage Workspace page. Workspace Participants with no other roles or with only the Manage Workspace role may not override a form locked by another user.

The following users with additional roles and access may override a locked form and unlock it, even if they were not the user to initially lock the form:

  • Workspace Owner may unlock any form at any time.

  • Workspace Participant with the AOR role may unlock any form at any time.

  • AOR users with expanded access may unlock any form at any time.

  • EBiz POC (or a user with the AOR role and the MPIN) may unlock any form at any time.

Caution: Please consult with the user(s) who have locked the forms before completing this action. By overriding their locked forms, your action may disrupt pending updates.

How to Unlock a Form or Subform

  1. In the Forms tab on the Manage Workspace page, click the desired form’s Unlock link under the Actions column. The link will be activated for the Participant who locked the form, as well as for the Workspace Owner and any Participant AOR.

  2. Upon clicking the Unlock link, [Locked] will be removed from the Form Status column.

  3. The action will be added to the Activity tab log.

  4. A message will appear, stating that the form has been successfully unlocked. Once unlocked, other Participants may update the form.

Note: Subforms listed on the Workspace Subforms pop-up window may be unlocked in the same way, by first clicking the Manage Subforms link under the Form Name column.


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