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Check Application in Workspace

An application can be checked for errors via the Check Application button on the Forms tab of the Manage My Workspace page or the Manage Workspaces for Organization page. The button is active to Participants if the set of forms in the workspace matches those required in the application package.

If you receive a Cross-Form Errors message after clicking the Check Application button, refer to the Cross-Form Errors help article for more detailed information about this validation error.

Note: If the Check Application button is visible but not active, the application package forms need to be updated by clicking the Get Updated Grantor Package button.

The Check Application button is active when all of the following conditions are true:

  • The application status is In Progress or Ready for Submission

  • There are no alerts

  • The selected forms to submit are in passed status

The Check Application button is inactive if the application is in the New, Submitted or Archived status.

When the Check Application button is clicked, the application will go through a validation process, which includes ensuring that all the forms' required fields have been completed. If the validation fails, a list of errors will be displayed. If the validation passes, the following message will be displayed: “No errors found in Application Package. Additional validations may occur once you submit your application and it is retrieved by the Federal Agency. Separate notifications may be sent via email from the sponsoring agency.”

Note: Other Workspace Participants may make changes to the workspace that make the Check Application button inactive. However, if you have not refreshed your webpage and click the Check Application button (which should not be active), you will receive the following error: “Action cannot be performed due to Workspace changes. Please see Workspace activity for more details. Please click OK to continue.” Refreshing the page will inactivate the Check Application button until the package is once again in the proper state for validation.


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